Upcycled Fire Hose Collection

Products made from genuine retired fire hose salvaged from US fire departments.

Hand-crafted to serve home, work and life.
Honoring the inherent history in each rare find.

Weekender upcycled fire hose tote bag

About Oxgut Hose Co.®

Based in Vallejo, CA, we pick the most interesting decommissioned fire hose to put into the hands of local designers and artisans, who help give the hose a whole new purpose. They’re always coming up with new ways to integrate this amazing, resilient material into beautiful, handmade pieces.
While the name Oxgut honors the very first fire hose of Ancient Greece, our designs are circa now. Each piece features genuine fire hose salvaged from U.S. Fire Departments.
So keep an eye out for the latest in our collection.