Giving Thanks for Creative Minds

Happy Thanksgiving! As we take rare time today to set work aside for a moment and appreciate the blessings in our lives – our friends and families, even our differences in this unique time in history – we here at Oxgut are particularly thankful for the privilege to do the work we love, to partner with you and our local fire departments to reclaim retired fire hose that has already heroically served our firefighters and with them, many lives in the past. Your support keeps our lil’ Ox going. Thank you!

Huge buckets of gratitude pouring out too for our gifted artisans and creatives who continually re-invent, inspire, innovate. So, when art student Stevie Miller contacted us regarding Oxgut being the inspiration behind her recent advertising project, we said – “Sure, go for it!” Then, she blew our minds. Check out some of her work here; she outlines our Oxgut mission perfectly.



Stevie Miller is a sophomore at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit. She will soon be looking for an internship, for Summer 2017. (If we don’t snatch her up ourselves first!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us, at Oxgut

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About the Author:

In 2011 LauraLe discovered a love of another type of creative collaboration; furniture making and specifically working with makers using reclaimed materials. Falling in love with that creative process and realizing there is a great pool of talented makers in her own area, who struggle to get their work out into the world, largely in part because they don't have a producer to help bring the work together and to light. When a search for a reclaimed fabric eventually led her to a local fire station, LauraLe was introduced to just how many colors fire hose comes in, its inherent characteristics and incredible durability and nostalgia. Upon learning that approximately 90% of this indestructible material ends up in landfill, once it's deemed unsafe safe for fighting fires, LauraLe couldn't put it down. She decided to share this great resource with the local artisans she'd begun to know and collaborate to create exclusive designs with a heroic past.

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