Happy Passover, Easter, Full Moon too!

I hope you’re enjoying this holiday weekend. As always, there’s a lot happening at Oxgut Headquarters. We’re psyched about the response to the launch of our new Franceschi Tote, – with its waterproof interior sides (that’s where the water passed through), and sturdy square bottom. Just an easy spring/summer grab. Our Weekender Bag, is actually the mother of the Fran, so to speak, because it’s made of the stenciled exterior jacket that once protected that pristine white liner. Our latest limited run is in stock and ready to ship!

We’re also going to be out and about in the Bay Area in the next few months, keep these dates in mind and come see us if you’re in town: HAYES VALLEY @UrbanAirMarket on May 3rd@West Coast Crafton June 13th and 14th, and @Oakland First Fridays Art Murmur, @25C.

in the coming months we’ll be developing a special  “Meet the Makers” designers series, for our web site, as well as Instagram and Twitter feeds. So fortunate to have these tailors and master craftsmen in our pool of talent!

Of course none of this would be possible without the partnerships of our amazing, environmentally conscientious fire departments. This month, by Earth Day, April 22nd, we will have spared upwards of22,000′ of retired fire hose.


The variety of fire hose we reclaim allows us the flexibility to work on custom projects with designers and creative minds like you!
Now, back to the “Happy”…. I was talking with friends about our experiences growing up in different parts of the world and celebrating Easter or Passover; family traditions, you know – what we ate, new dresses, Easter egg hunts, baskets, even bonnets on the old school side. Regardless of the religious or non-religious tribe you come from, this is generally a time to celebrate spring and rebirth and renewal. (Right?) Well, this particular Easter Sunday also happens to be my birthday. So, allow me to wrap this up in one big Aries bow: the purpose and intension of Oxgut has grown to be a great gift. Each and every day, this mission provides renewed energy: in giving this rad material a second life, in doing good work and making a difference. It also happens to be a hell of a lot of fun. So, for helping to make this possible – my sincerest “Thank you”!Happy Spring!LauraLe
& the Crew at Oxgut
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